Commedia dell’Arte Scenarios

Gift Improvisation Scenario

This Scenario is a good warm-up exercise to do with partners. Keep the focus on physical reactions and varying energy.

  • Give a Gift (be specific)
  • React in Surprise (hold for the audience)
  • Open the Gift & React (hold for the audience)
  • React to the Reaction (hold for the audience)

Big Plan Improvisation Scenario

This Scenario involves all the major funny stock characters and allows for many different versions. Remember, Commedia dell’Arte improvisation is both physical and rehearsed. This Scenario takes 6 or 7 actors but you can skip parts if needed.

  • Pantalone wants something
  • Pantalone enlists Ill Dotore’s help
  • They hire Il Capitano to carry out the plan
  • Arlecchino overhears the plan from a secret but easily seen hiding spot
  • Arlecchino enlists Brighella and/or Columbina to help spoil Patalone’s plan
  • The two groups class with Pulcinella accidentally getting in the way
  • Show who “wins” the conflict